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Knowing which mattress is best for you, one which ticks all the boxes is very important. We are here to help you decide which is the best mattress for you. Below we will compare mattresses to see which suits your preference the best.

  1. Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid literally means a mixture of two thing. This is why hybrid mattresses are those with both inner spring and coil-based core to give the user the best experience and a good night’s sleep. They are specially designed for pain relief, edge support, are breathable, have a cooling effect due to the coil core and so many other advantages. These mattresses often come with a gelling agent to keep the mattress cool. Hybrid mattresses are quite unlike those innerspring mattresses which make a lot of noise when there is moment on the bed. This why hybrid mattresses are comparatively better for couples than other mattresses.

  • Memory Foam Mattresses

This mattress gained popularity in the last decade because due to its amazing pressure relief. The mattress stretched and therefore it can be rolled and shipped to the person’s doorstep. However they trap heat which means it will make the mattress warm and unable to sleep for many people. However there are some memory foam mattresses that have been able to resolve the issue which means that these mattresses could be a good investment. Most of them come with years of warranty and months of night trials where a person can use the mattress for about 100 days or more and then decide if they want to buy and if it fulfills their requirements.

  • Firm Mattresses

Firm mattresses are not everyone’s cup of tea but are specifically for those who sleep on their stomachs and backs because this mattress does not affect the spine alignment which ensures that one does not have any back issues. These mattresses have cooling plant based foams for perfect and uninterrupted sleep. The material used in these mattresses aligns the spine, offer good edge support and isolates motion. People who have lower back issues should buy this mattress because it is specifically known for spine alignment which will ensure they no longer have any back problems. Various different brands offer various offer when we compare mattresses in terms of warranty, price range and night sleep trial.

  • Latex Mattress

These mattresses use latex as their material as the name suggests. They come in different levels of firmness to ensure that many types of sleepers such as back sleepers, side sleepers etcetera have the right firmness so they sleep throughout the night. Latex mattresses have high durability and they are produced more sustainably than most foam mattresses and when we compare mattresses these are more environment friendly to make so if you’re someone who prioritizes the environment this mattress can be a good option.


These mattresses have a very long warranty mostly starting from 10 years which means that incase an issue arises, the mattresses can be replaced free of cost within 10 years of purchase.

Written By BrunoHochmuth