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<p>FLOMM! doesn't look like your typical shmup. There's no outer space, no alien enemy, heck, there's not even a spaceship (it does have explosions, at least).</p><p>Instead, its creator Steve Mehallo decided to envision a shmup if one were made by angry modernists in 1923. The result is a bit barmy.</p><p>In it, you control an avant garde squiggle as it beats back the tyranny of traditional art with font-based bullets. You face crowns, cigarette packets, playing cards, and portraits.</p><p>Your enemy is black-and-white, representing the stringent art of those pre-20th century authors, and you explode them with colour.</p><p>Visually, there's a lot going on in FLOMM!. The backgrounds and character designs reference Futurism, Cubism, the Bauhaus, the Russian Avant Garde, and much more.</p>.

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